Often times, small businesses don’t realize that maximizing the return on investment for their Customer Relationship Management solution is easier than it appears.  Did you know segmented lists are a premier tool that can be created in your CRM solution?  These lists are one of the most important components to maintaining customer relationships and audience engagement!  Your custom lists can provide specific information that reaches customers and potential customer across the globe.

Creating and managing lists within your CRM solution allows your company to provide top notch customer service and we all know customers are key to any successful organization!  However, your lists are only as amazing as the data you keep!  If you aren’t utilizing the benefit of creating customer lists that not only engages your audience, but maximizes your ROI; Alderbest would like to point out the benefits of doing so.

  • Maintaining customized customer lists using CRM allows your company to reach current customers or prospects without having to remain within any specific geographical location – the more data you collect online will give you the power to stay in touch with customers globally versus a particular geographical segment where your business is located, if expansion is a goal for your company.
  • Your cost of customer acquisition can be decreased by allowing you to send relevant information to your customers who need to know about it the most – with CRM solutions you have the ability to lower the amount of money it takes trying to convince a potential customer to use your product or service by using CRM to create your own marketing campaigns from within the CRM solution, itself. Customized lists allows you to present the right product or service at the right time, to the RIGHT customer – in doing this better  results are achieved; thus bringing your company more success and profitability.
  • Being able to target specific customers using segmented lists within the CRM, your company is more likely to gain the customer retention it wants to capture. Consumers like receiving information that is relevant to their needs and wants.  The data you collect will assist in identifying this information so you can tailor each campaign sent.
  • When effective marketing campaigns are created through CRM it’s a proven way to improve conversion rates, response, and increase your organization’s return on investment. Segmented lists in CRM create high opt-in data for current and future customers because you have a higher chance of capturing your audience and they’ll be more likely to read what you send them, opt in to future newsletters, special offer emails, and more.

So those were the four benefits of creating and managing lists within the brand new, shiny CRM you just invested in…remember we touched on the fact above that your lists are only as amazing as the data you keep!  Therefore, your data should be updated, consistent, and COMPLETE!

You wouldn’t let that brand new Porshe sit in the garage and collect dust would you?  Don’t let your CRM solution do that either, because it IS just that…a solution!  You also don’t expect to put your car on cruise control and arrive at your destination while you sleep behind the wheel.  CRM solutions can do wonderful things for your business!  A little time and attention can go a long way.  We will be discussing more on best practice processes for CRM in next Tuesday’s blog, so be sure to stay tuned!

If you aren’t creating or utilizing your CRM lists, contact Alderbest Solutions and we can assist in making sure you are reaching your fullest CRM solution potential!