In this appearance on the Amplified Expert Podcast, Alderbest Solutions President Michael Trow shares some serious insights into how small and expanding businesses can grow by leveraging CRM in line with the Alderbest principals of Manage, Market & Sell.

Notes from the Podcast:

More revenue is good. Let’s face it, when there is a constant flow of greenbacks into our bank account colors seem more vibrant, our possibilities grow and a gigantic breath of life is blown into our mission.

We can scale our business and reach more people. Without sales our dreams die.

There’s a problem though. A big, ugly elephant is in the room. Some even look at it as the creation of the devil. It usually rears its gnarly head in the form of different software solutions referred to as CRM or Customer Relationship Management.

Thankfully, in this episode, a shining knight who has traveled the globe, lived on four continents and has mastered this nemesis has arrived to dispel the myths and help us understand in simple terms why a CRM solution can be our business’s answer to predictably driving more leads and sales.

Michael Trow is a sales, marketing and CRM expert who has done business all over the world and is an authority on helping small businesses create systems that produce 30-40% more effective marketing and sales activities that directly impact the bottom line.

Some things you’ll learn

• Why CRM is sexy
• What not to do with business cards you collect
• Most businesses are guilty of this
• How $30 a month can grow your business 20%
• Why it’s probably time to put your big boy/big girl pants on

Are you ready to learn what to do today? How to know where your prospect is within the sales cycle? How to project your revenues and get a grip on the important numbers that contribute to the outcome?

Amplified Action Step:

Go to your list of contacts whether they are within an email data base, spread sheet or notebook and see if you can quickly identify who is a lead, a prospect, a client or a partner. Can you effectively send out a segmented email to them? If not, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and begin the segmentation process. It’s the only way that you can grow and scale your business in leaps.

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