We love, love, love how technology and the CRM industry is evolving. More robust and complex features reign upon us at a frantic pace that enable greater improvements to how we work and how we achieve our goals. BUT, one of the original features is often over looked as one of the main drivers of success for users.

This is Task Management.

Why Task Management Is Under Rated

Smart-Idea-150x150Task management has become the norm. In specific apps, plug-ins and as features of tools and solutions. The opportunity to organize our ‘to-do’ items is everywhere and it almost becomes a chore to select the best place to do it. With regards to business and Customer Relationship Management, the CRM solution is the single best place to manage these items.

It’s well documented that a sales rep spends only about 25% of their time interacting with customers and a large percentage of their time doing administration. Administration for a sales rep, manager or owner is overwhelming.

Task Management also enables far more than simply keeping on top of action items. Task Management enables:

  • The opportunity to build relationships in a relevant and timely manner
  • Greater management of sales opportunities from the inception of a lead throughout the customers life cycle
  • The ability to retain control of the sales process and guide prospects through each stage
  • Collaboration with other colleagues
  • Organization (or Group) wide visibility on customer interactions
  • Performance measurement of activities and/or users

And, of course because we live in this technology driven, portable world, you can access all your tasks on multiple devices.

When Tasks are treated as a ‘to-do-list’ sometimes it can become a chore and the list gets longer and longer. Typically, when businesses know what is possible from this simple feature the chore element becomes less and less.

So how is this under rated feature best utilized to improve productivity and drive revenues within a CRM solution like Salesforce.com or Zoho?

  1. Have a plan
  2. Be diligent
  3. Be consistent
  4. Associate Tasks to records
  5. Leverage views to create manageable lists

How to Improve Productivity and Drives Revenue with Task Management

Having access to a list every day that tells you who to contact, what the history is and any other information that is valuable can make a huge difference to the way you work and the bottom line.

Plan Your Task Management

Plan what you want to track, how you want to use tasks and when you want them for. Every business is different, although it is likely that you need several interactions with customers throughout their life-cycle on a one-to-one basis.

It seems easy, but if you are to be diligent and consistent it’s best to know why you are using Tasks and how they are going to improve your ongoing activity.

We suggest using Tasks for:

  • Follow up
  • Keeping in touch (to check in and for sending value add materials)
  • Reminders of steps to take in areas of pre and post sale activity
  • Tracking different “types” of interactions for performance measurement (e.g. Is the task a email, meeting, call or something else.)

Associate and Relate You Task Management

In a CRM solution a Task on it’s own has minimal impact on productivity and results. Solutions like Zoho and Salesforce offer the chance to relate the Task to other records such as the Contact and/or Account or Opportunity. Relating these items will help:

  • Give you access to additional information at a ‘click’ of a button
  • Understand the results you are achieving from being diligent in your activity

Leverage Lists to Maximize Productivity

By default, most CRM solutions offer a View or list to show all open tasks. This isn’t much use in our opinion. As nice as it is to see what you have to do in the future you are working today. As such, we always suggest using a default view of what Tasks should have been completed by the end of day “today” (note – this will be dynamic so it will update by the date Field).

Small business success is largely determined by the completion of small, manageable tasks. Put overwhelm to rest and have manageable lists to action each day.

If you are diligent and consistent with your activity after implementing some of these tips we are confident you will see an improvement in your productivity and results.

Want to learn more?

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