If your business has a need to keep track of their customers (and all businesses do) then a CRM solution is essential! So how do you choose the right CRM for your business needs?  Alderbest Solutions has outlined some of the necessary information and functions you’ll want within your CRM solution.

Businesses need a way to track current, past, and potential customers.  If you think you don’t need a CRM solution then how long do you think you’ll stay in business?  Most small businesses don’t need a HUGE level of detail. That could be overkill and a budget breaker.  But does your business need something?  Absolutely!

So how to you choose the right CRM for your business needs?  You have to establish a baseline.  What is necessary, what is not?  What features would you need in order for your business to grow?  Your overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients – right?  First and foremost you need the basic info and functions a CRM solution has to offer so you and your staff can nurture and retain the clients you already have, entice former and future clients, as well as reduce the costs of marketing and client services.

What information is that, you ask?  Keep reading to find out…

Critical CRM Information

Some critical fields your business needs in a CRM solution are:

  • Company Name
  • Primary Contact
  • Secondary Contact
  • Company Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Website
  • Social Media Sites
  • Contact Dates
  • Status
  • Notes

 Critical CRM Functions

Some critical functions our customers have found helpful in tracking the business of past, current, and potential clients are:

  • Dashboard Reporting View
  • Customization of Fields
  • Ability to Add or Delete Fields
  • Standard Reporting
  • Ability to Create Custom Reports
  • Ability to Contact Client from Within the CRM (Emails, Campaigns, Skype, etc.)

You Have to Start Somewhere

When choosing a CRM solution, you can either start with a CRM software product or by building what you think is the right CRM for your business needs in an Excel spreadsheet or similar program.  If you want to proceed with a product, then we suggest using the free version as a test drive for your company (several CRM’s offer a free 30-day trial.)  You can look online for comparison charts of popular CRM solutions to see which one meets the majority of your business needs.  Our list is far from all-inclusive, but it will get you started in your search.

The bottom line is you could search and never find an exact match for what you’re looking for, but if you begin by writing down the key information you would like a CRM system to capture for your business you can definitely find a CRM solution that’s extremely close!  However, the longer you wait to begin your search just think of the missed opportunities that will pass you by and the potential clients you may never get back.  So begin the search for your CRM solution NOW!

Let Alderbest get you there!  If you need help choosing the CRM solution that best suits your company, contact Alderbest Solutions and we can make sure you are reaching your fullest CRM solution potential!