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New to Zoho? Already a user? Small Business or a Sales Team? For over a decade we’ve helped Zoho Users with their journey to ultimately help them get and keep customers.

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Why do we need Zoho CRM?

Obviously, we offer help with multiple Zoho apps and 3rd party solutions but there’s a reason Zoho CRM is the hub and foundation of everything we do. 

Zoho CRM can you help you:

  • Access and Prioritize Data
  • Enable Strategic Objectives
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Improve Efficiency, Effectiveness and Results

We work with a broad range of industries and use case scenarios. Our expertise and experience is with sales and marketing for Zoho. This shines across the following areas:

We want to learn about what you do, where you are with your Zoho journey and objectives.

Zoho CRM for Sales Teams

Do your Zoho CRM objectives include enabling inside and/or outside sales reps? We take a very methodical approach for sales teams understanding that there’s company/management level needs and then group and individual user level requirements to consider. 

Some of what we do in Zoho CRM for Sales Teams includes:

  • Pain Point and Opportunity Analysis
  • Deploying Zoho Features that help with data entry  
  • Enabling access and prioritization to data 
  • Enabling Automation including Zoho CRM Email Automation, SMS and follow up
  • Building effective mechanisms for interaction logging
  • Deploying Gamification with Zoho Motivator for Zoho CRM
  • Deploying third party apps like SMS for Zoho CRM, Phoneburner for Zoho CRM and more
  • Enabling and Tracking Initiatives and trade shows 
  • Clearly thought out deployments and training to not interrupt day-to-day activity

Are you looking to improve how your sales teams leverage Zoho CRM? Let’s connect

Zoho CRM for Marketing Teams

Are you a marketing led organization enabling sales? Are you looking to use, or currently using, Zoho CRM as part of your marketing requirements?

We work with marketers to enable sales activity, cross platform marketing communications with an end-to-end approach to the flow of data and customer journey. Some of our work includes:

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Enabling multi-channel lead acquisition and other website tool deployment such as Live Chat/Auto Chatbots
  • Integrations and Strategy Enablement with Email Marketing Solutions, SMS & other technology
  • Customer or Process Related Surveys
  • Event management
We want to learn about what you do, where you are with your Zoho journey and objectives.

Some of the other work we do

  • Zoho for Consultants
  • Zoho for Mortgage Brokers
  • Zoho for Real Estate
  • Zoho for Insurance Brokers
  • Zoho for Finance and Wealth Management
  • Zoho for Manufacturers
  • Zoho for Vocational and Trade Schools
  • Zoho for Marketing Agencies
  • Zoho for IT Service Providers
  • Zoho for Boat Clubs
  • Zoho for Band and Artist Agencies
  • Zoho for Vetinary Clinics and Doggy Day Care