After a couple of years of LinkedIn and other companies straddling the corporate red tape, Zoho CRM Setup now includes a new LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration. In the past we struggled through with custom links and other mechanisms. Now, with this fully embedded integration we are able to get access to contextual information, find ‘recommended leads’ and communicate with prospects all through Zoho CRM.

As with any integration, or new feature release, what is available now is something that can be further improved. With that said, for all you LinkedIn Sales Navigator users (or those of you thinking about subscribing), this addition is a must have.

LinkedIn Integration in Zoho CRM Setup ; What You Need To Know

  1. You'll need a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise account for the Zoho CRM Integration (
  2. The integration works at the Sales Inbox, Lead, Account, Contact and Deal level in Zoho CRM
  3. Predominantly information is contextual within Zoho CRM. You do have the ability to add Zoho CRM Leads/Contacts as "Leads" in Sales Navigator
  4. Sending LinkedIn InMail from within Zoho CRM is enabled
  5. Connecting with people in LinkedIn is supported through the integration
  6. The integration can be installed from the Zoho CRM Marketplace

Make no mistake, LinkedIn's policies are driving the functionality of this integration and it's very similar to what has been available for and Microsoft Dynamics users in the past. The benefits are mainly going to be for internal sales staff that are navigating data in CRM to prioritize outreach and identify new, potential prospects, all within one solution.

We would recommend, at least initially, to continue using Zoho CRM for managing your follow up with prospects and leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator for identifying new prospects, research on prospects and communicating through InMail.

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